h. quynh nguyen: ABOUT THE BLOGGER


My name is Quynh and I'm nineteen years old and currently living on the north coast of Germany (after I moved from Vietnam). Somewhen in 2010 I decided to share my gibberish with the world wide web. Since then, I had several blogs on different platforms. And now I’m here.

I love the arts and the possibility art gives me to express myself since I'm not good with spoken words. I started with writing, then I got into photography in 2012 and discovered filmmaking in the summer of 2015. This year I started drawing again and I never felt more complete. My art on this website has the purpose of processing my thoughts and experiences and was made rather for myself than for anybody else. It's not supposed to be perfect because I am neither. I just want to capture moments since I'm really into the idea of knowing that something isn't going to change when everything else does.