h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 32

September 29, 2017

365 Days Project | Part 32

274/365, Pity For The Plain Girl: So basically I got a new laptop after I said goodbye to my old five year old one which sticked with me since my old scholarship days. Since I still need to get Photoshop on my new one, I had to edit this one on my phone. Oh well.

277, 278/365, Mobile Pt. 1 & 2: Because this part would only consist of three photos, I thought I'd fill it with some phone photos that I usually post on my Twitter. This was the day Lorenza and I were motivated to climb mountains.

275/365, Secret for the Mad: I've been reading about this photographer named Emily Knecht who took a selfie every time she cried for three years. She said that it somehow helped her in situations to calm down. And I have to admit, I am a crier. Like when I'm sad or happy, when I'm angry, when anything even remotely touches me in any way. I'm someone who feels emotions on a very deep level. That's just who I am. I always thought that if I had a superpower, it would definitely be the ability to recognize emotions of living beings in my surrounding. So I thought I'd try it out, this taking a self-portrait when you cry thing. And somehow it worked. I mean, it's kinda weird but it's really helping to calm yourself down. I think that I'll continue it also via phone tho since it was kinda stressful to set up my camera and stuff. I just won't think that I'd be publishing the photos then since it is pretty personal and a very vulnerable thing to do.

279, 280/365, Mobile Pt. 3 & 4: The day my art studio mates and I took the ferry to Denmark. I'm kinda sad that I couldn't come to the last exhibition and goodbye because of the whole stress with moving to Berlin and stuff.

276/365, Insomnia: So I'm still in the process of moving out at the moment and am working on my animated short and uni is starting next week. I only took this photo because I couldn't sleep last night. These are all things that I don't actually need to do and I still feel like I don't have time and with uni starting, I'm gonna have things to do that I do need to do if I want to or not, so I really do think I'll take this project to a break.

I think it's the first time now I really hit that point where I'm doubting that I'll be able to finish this project (at least for now). After more than a year I basically went around every rule there initially was. And now I'm at this point where this project is feeling forced and that's the red flag for me. I don't force my art and if I do, it's ruining it for me. I've been really dissatisfied with everything I did lately and I feel stuck. So. Here's the thing I decided - I will pause this project at this point. I don't know when I will continue it but I do think there will be a better time for it. And as often as I came back to Blogspot, I'm also moving platforms. It isn't really a typical blog site this time which has several reasons.

This is the place where you'd find my photographs from now on. It's still quite new, a few things aren't working and I'm trying to figure out everything still. There are only a few chosen photos right now and really old texts you may remember when you've read my blog in 2014/2015 because I want to start writing again. But the facts are that I only want to put work on there that really mean something to me. You also won't be able to comment on the posts - mainly because I'm kinda tired of reading generic comments (ofc there were a lot of exceptions but that's just how the blogging community is right now). Now if you really want to tell me something, you can submit a message at /contact or on any of my other social medias basically. I'm sorry to the people that do liked to comment on my posts regulary, I appreciate the efforts you made. I also don't think that you can subscribe to the page in any way, but since I probably won't post so often on there anyway, you could follow me on Instagram since I'll be posting other photographs on there too and will tell you when a new post is up. Also I do have a 2nd Instagram account that I use as a kinda personal diary, so if you want to be up to date on my boring life, then go follow that too. Okay my peeps, will see you around on those other places! < 3


  1. Wow - Teil 32 schon? Du bleibst ja echt gut dran bei dem Projekt.

    Das erste Bild wirkt auf mich total bedrohlich... so ernst und entschlossen ist der Gesichtsausdruck. Die Frontalperspektive verstärkt das dann noch.

    Emily Knecht muss ich jetzt echt mal googlen... das mit den Fotos vom Weinen klingt interessant. Ich glaube, das möchte ich auch anfangen. Obwohl ich jetzt im Vergleich zu früher kaum noch weine...
    Aber manchmal, vor allem unter Stress, passiert es eben doch - vor allem, wenn ich das Gefühl habe, nicht gut genug zu sein und andere Menschen zu belasten.

    Fotos zu machen, wenn du nicht schlafen kannst, ist echt toll - das Bild sieht irgendwie klasse aus. Hast du viele Versuche für Bildausschnitt und Schärfe gebraucht?

    Dass du das Projekt pausierst, kann ich verstehen. Mich macht es auch unglücklich, wenn sich etwas mehr nach Zwang als nach freiwilliger Tätigkeit anfühlt. Und Kunst soll eben doch Spaß machten!

    Schade, dass man auf deiner neuen Seite nicht mehr kommentieren kann... Möchtest du denn, dass ich dir weiterhin was zu den Bildern schreibe oder bringen dich meine Kommentare eh nicht weiter?
    Naja, ich folge dann mal über Instagram - auch wenn ich das Netzwerk nicht mag.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, ich hab schon einige Versuche für den Fokus gebraucht - vor allem da mein automatischer Fokus nicht mehr richtig funktioniert und Selbstportraits mit manuellem Fokus zu machen ist nicht so spaßig. :D

      Du gehörst tatsächlich zu den Ausnahmen, deren Kommentare ich mir gern durchgelesen hab! Aber ich will auch nicht, dass es für dich wie eine Verpflichtung vorkommt, kommentieren zu müssen. Deswegen würde ich mich natürlich freuen, deine Gedanken zu meinen Bildern zu hören, aber fühl dich bitte nicht gezwungen!

      Ich muss sagen, dass Instagram auch nicht meine Lieblingsplattform ist, aber wahrscheinlich die beste, um ein paar mehr Leute zu erreichen - vor allem auch für Fotos, wo man gar nicht so viel drüber schreiben will.

      Danke dir auf jeden Fall für deine ganzen lieben Kommentare während dieses Projekts, ich hab mich wirklich gefreut!

    2. Okay, das freut mich zu hören. Dann werde ich dir auch zukünftig ab und zu meine Gedanken da lassen, wenn mir was einfällt und es zeitlich passt :)

  2. ich kanns nicht oft genug sagen: ich liebe liebe deine bilder

  3. liebe, liebe, liebe! Mir gefallen deine Bilder bzw die Reihe so unglaublich gut, bitte mach weiter so :)

    Viele liebe Grüße, Julia ☾ | www.serendipityblog.de