H. QUYNH NGUYEN: 365 Days Project | Part 29

Saturday, 15 July 2017

365 Days Project | Part 29

242/365, Disposable / Anna (l.): This was taken on a very rainy day where I asked her to drive around town, so I could capture some shots for my c u next time video. This photo shows Anna who is one of my childhood friends in a park where I grew up next to.

243/365, Disposable / Pat (r.): "Imagine this would be the last photo taken of you!" I said before I pressed the shutter.

244/356, Disposable / Ferry: Spontanous trip to Denmark with my art studio mates because the tickets were on discount. It was so so so nice spending time with them when our time together is ending soon.

245, 246/365, Disposable / Jeanne: I think at this point you should be familiar with this face.

247/365, Disposable / A Midsummer Night's Dream: Let me tell you the crazy story of this photo. Daniel was invited to the film festival as a filmmaker whose short film was gonna be screened in the main program. Problem for him was that the date of the festival would collide with the date of his exam for a pretty prestigous film academy he applied for. The exam consists of making a short film in just four days under a given topic that he would get on the first day and submit this film in person. A normal person would cancel the festival to be able to get the film done properly. But as you'd expect by now, he didn't cancel. So. What he did was calling up Jeanne (who was responsible for filmmakers that would come to the festival) and told her his crazy idea to make his film in Rostock (where the festival took place and a place he's not familiar with at all but also the place furthest away from his submission place, 810km distance to be exact). Jeanne organized that he would have a room in the hostel (where the filmmakers were staying) as a shooting location. Daniel organized a crew in Berlin that would come for a day to shoot the film and he messaged some students of the acting class of the uni here in Rostock. The first day of the festival came, his film was screened in the first part of it where he talked about his plan on stage. Soon after that he got the topic from the uni and he disappeared to write down a story, cast the actors and just do all the things you have to do as the director of a film. Fast forward two days after that, the last day of the festival, the get together at breakfast where everyone could let the festival end under blue sky before everyone would leave. I'm enjoying the sun while talking to the other festival team members and to some filmmakers. Suddenly the festival director comes up to me and asks me if I heard about the story of this filmmaker that is making a film during the festival. Turns out that Daniel had shot his film and the only thing left is the post production but unfortunately he's not able to do it on his own (he's only director and actor but he never cuts his films), so his plan was to drive to his hometown where he knew a person who would cut it and then drive to the uni to submit and defend the film in front of a jury. But when he sits there in the sun he thought: "Wait, I'm here at a film festival, surrounded by filmmakers. How are the odds that at least one of the people here would know how to cut a film?" So he goes up to the festival director to ask if he knew someone who could edit and the only person he knew was, you may get it, me. And this is the story of how I got to know Daniel. The story of how I ended up not catching up sleep as I thought I would do after the festival because I'm always up for making films. This is the story of how I told Daniel about Pat who is a musician that could do the soundtrack to his film and of everything, this is the story of how too many coincidences led to a film that would get Daniel accepted into the academy. Coincidences that couldn't be just coincidences, so when Daniel called us to announce the great news he called this story a midsummer night's dream. This photo was taken after we finished the cut and had a small prescreening with the actors and everyone involved in this story. Jeanne, Daniel and I were talking about the future that was very unknown for Jeanne at that time, so it got emotional pretty fast. When I brought Daniel to the train station afterwards, he got me tearing up as well, so yeah. We planned to see each other again in some time and maybe this film me made could be screened at the festival next year? We will see.

248, 249/365, Artists Clan: The artists clan was created by us to fill the void we had in us after the festival. Four people enjoying exhibitions, art shows and documentaries just because of post festival depression? Yes, you heard it.

250/365, Horizonte: I already told you guys that my photo was shown at the Rostocker Horizonte photo show. The story of that was that it was super windy and I ended up missing my photo because my mum was taking a lot of time to decide what to wear. But it was still a nice evening though.

This part was taken by a disposable camera. I'm missing a few photos though, so I'm not sure if something went wrong during the development or if I just suck at taking pictures with such cameras but I looked at the negatives and I think its the latter. I'm still glad that the most important photos got out. Film photography is still a thing that I need to look into but for now the disposable ones should do the trick.


  1. The photos are absolutely amazing!!

  2. Schön, dass Anna und du euch schon so lange kennt und immer noch schöne Zeit zusammen verbringt. Ich habe eigentlich gar keine Freunde, die ich schon länger als 6 Jahre habe...

    Warum hast du zu Pat gesagt, er soll sich vorstellen, es wäre das letzte Foto, das von ihm gemacht wird?

    Das Bild zum Trip nach Dänemark gefällt mir von der Atmosphäre her total gut! Schön, dass ihr spontan sowas macht - mir wäre das gar nicht möglich (Studium, finanziell, Pony)

    Deine Begegnung mit Daniel ist ja der Hammer! Welch ein Glück, dass du so talentiert und hilfsbereit bist! Hat Pat nun wirklich einen Soundtrack beisteuern können? Und kann man euer Werk irgendwo sehen?

    Die letzten beiden Fotos transportieren mal wieder eine tolle Stimmung!

    Irre, dass du die Bilder mit einer analogen Kamera gemacht hast... ich habe meinen ersten Film leider immer noch nicht voll. Dabei bin ich so neugierig, ob die Bilder okay sind.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, ich glaube, nicht wenig hat das damit zu tun, dass unsere Eltern miteinander befreundet sind und die Kinder dadurch auch immer mal wieder in Berührung kommen.

      Weil ich gestellte Fotos nicht so gern habe und warum dann nicht wenigstens ein gestelltes Bild mit Hintergrund haben. Diese "Stell dir vor, das ist das letzte Foto von dir"-Idee hatte ich schon vor einiger Zeit und ich habe auch geplant, eine richtige Serie daraus zu machen. Warum? Ich glaube, es ist einfach interessant für mich zu wissen, wie die Menschen einen in Erinnerung haben wollen. Aber dafür muss ich mir noch einige Gedanken machen bevor ich die Idee wirklich umsetze. :)

      Ja, Pat hat wirklich ein Soundtrack/Theme gezaubert, ganz über Nacht! Und es wird auf jeden Fall nicht das letzte Mal sein, dass man seine Musik in Filmen hört - ich hab ihn schon fest eingeplant als Filmmusiker bei meinen Projekten. :D Den Film an sich kann man aber noch nicht öffentlich sehen, weil wir die Rechte für Filmfestivals vorbehalten wollen, aber wenn es irgendwann mal öffentlich wird, sag ich bestimmt Bescheid!

      Ich muss sagen, dass ich zum Ende hin auch sehr ungeduldig wurde, weil ich den Film nicht so schnell voll bekommen hab und dadurch sind die letzten Bilder auch alle doof geworden und die zeig ich auch besser nicht, haha.