h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 25

April 07, 2017

365 Days Project | Part 25

211-214/365, Expired Trip to the Beach: I started talking to L (I know she's a bit secretive about her name online) on a pink topmodel website (that I signed up for when I was thirteen years old because of a classmate and still, I'm active on that account for nostalgia reasons) last year or so. Nothing ordinary considering I was talking to a lot of people on there at that time. But when I went offline for a longer period of time last year (thanks to my final exams/graduation from school), L sent me an email asking to continue messaging on our phones and long story short: We ended up sending a lot of voice messages regulary, having skype calls and she decided to take a flight (!) to come visit me in my hometown for a weekend in the first week of January. These photos were taken on the day we spent at the ice cold (it was more than just freezing) beach. I also know she's one of the few people that read my blog, so heyyy to you, my dear! (That's also Paul on the photo above. I introduced him to L on a Skype call and he happened to be in town when she visited.)

215-218/365, Expired Trip to Greifswald: These were taken on the last day of 2016 in Greifswald while a friend showed me around. As you can tell, it's a really small town, but it has a flair to it. These were also the last film photos that turned out okay to show. But: I bought a disposable camera and am planning to make a small project out of portraits (+ writings about the people) with it. Film photography is definitely something I'm curious to explore in.

219/365, Playground: Memory of my last time in Vietnam. Missing it - the country, the people. Even the weather (it's still freezing here and the constant grey sky makes me sad). I don't want to grow up, but I'm afraid that it's happening now. Adulthood is scary.

220/365, Clarity: You wouldn't know but a felt eternity passed by since I uploaded the last photo for this project. Things happened, things changed. And huge things are about to hit the surface. I'm still currently trying to realize what is going on right now but for the first time in forever I have a path. It feels like this part has to end in order for me to tell you about the things that are currently changing my life, so I'll end this part here. Just wanted to quickly tell you that the next parts will be me trying to actually pick up this challenge again to create pictures on an almost daily level, so be prepared. I can focus on my arts again and I'm so excited.

So when I got my film photos, I noticed three things. 1. I did use an expired film roll. When I got the camera from my dad, he still had unused film rolls with him from a decade ago and because I didn't know that before, I bought a new roll. Then I got them switched up and thought I ended up using the expired roll in my first try with that camera. Looks like I haven't, so yeah, these pictures were taken on expired film. 2. Most of the pictures are underexposed again (even if not that much as last time). 3. I forgot to ask for professional scans, so these were taken with my really crappy scanner. I'm very sorry for the shitty quality. Things to remember for the next time.


  1. Love these photos, you're blog is just perfect btw :)

    Liebe Grüße, Julia ☾ | www.serendipityblog.de

  2. Oh Mensch, liebe Quynh! Deine Freundschaft mit L klingt ja wundervoll - das Internet kann einem echt Kontakt zu den besten Menschen bescheren! Super, dass ihr zwei euch mal in echt sehen konntet :) Ich beneide dich echt ein bisschen...

    Deine analogen Bilder faszinieren mich - und erinnern mich daran, dass ich meinen allerersten Film noch vollknipsen wollte. Ich habe est 8 Bilder oder so geschafft, aber bin doch sooo neugierig.

    Das Foto aus Vietnam ist irgendwie wundervoll, einfach, weil es so ungestellt ist. Und die Kinder wirken so zufrieden, auch wenn das nicht gerade nach einem besonderen Spielplatz aussieht :)

    Freut mich, dass du dich wieder auf Kunst konzentrieren kannst! Da bin ich auf die kommenden Bilder gespannt.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ich bin auch sehr froh, so viele tolle Kontakte durchs Internet kennengelernt zu haben und bin wirklich dankbar für die Freundschaften, die dadurch entstanden sind. :)

      Jaaa, du musst sie unbedingt vollknipsen! Ich bin auch gerade wieder dabei.

      Und ich bin auch sehr gespannt auf meine nächsten Bilder, haha.