h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 23

January 19, 2017

365 Days Project | Part 23

196/365, Art's Friends: A photo of my friends that I took with my phone at the Tate Modern in London. Just found it again and thought I should do something with it and that's what happened.

197/365, Change Of Style: I've been really dissatisfied with my photography lately again, so I stopped for a while. I was trying too hard, it was getting too much. And now I want to try again without setting my aims where people want them to see but where I want them to be. No pressure, no standard. I have the feeling that my photography style is about to change. I want my arts to be honest. Raw. I want them to bleed and to burn and I want them to get to the core of everything with minimalism instead crazy post production. I don't know what that means, I hope you'll see. I will too.

198, 199/365, Off Topic: How to destroy the christmas/winter mood? Just post summery pictures. I'm sorry, but I need to get rid of old pictures which are dusting on my hard drive.

200/365, Living: I want to write a book. And I want it to be about the simplicities of life. I don't want to write about fantasy worlds or prophecies or heartbreaking tragedies or important events or anything that would be original in that meaning and I believe that those stories are not what I could ever be successful in anyway. I want to write about that feeling when you had a good breakfast in the morning. Or the laughs you had with friends about that one time you cut your hair too short that no one recognized you. Or the time you danced with strangers at that party and ended up being best friends with them a few weeks later. I want to write about these little moments in this short lifetime we have. Nothing extraordinary or world changing, just another little reminder that we are living.

Smaller post because I wouldn't post anything for another month or so otherwise. It's been a rollercoaster. I finished my short film which means that I can move to next projects that will probably take more time than that film. First of all, at the end of this month there will be a film competition I wanted to participate in with a friend, so this is gonna be tough (it will "only" last four days though). Also, I'll be applying for the first uni. Fingers crossed, but I don't think I'll get in (or even into the next round/exam) since there is so much hidden talent in this industry but who knows, right. So from this month on, I'll be applying, applying, applying and working during the day. Also, yesterday I had my very first vernissage with some art of mine and it's been quite exciting! Things may get quieter on here but maybe this isn't a bad thing at all. I'm still gonna make videos for YT though, so if you're interested, then check it out if you want.


  1. Wie schön, dass du wieder mal etwas von diesem Projekt zeigst!
    Das Foto 196 gefällt mir sehr gut - hier hätten Farben wohl nur gestört und ich finde es beeindruckend, wie ausdrucksstark es durch den hohen Kontrast wirkt.

    Dass du eine Weile nicht fotografierst, wenn du dich damit nicht mehr wohl fühlst, finde ich sehr gut. Man sollte sich einfach nicht zu sehr unter Druck setzen und damit unglücklich machen. Auf deine Veränderung bin ich sehr gespannt, falls sie eintreten wird :)

    Den Traum, ein Buch zu schreiben, habe ich auch. Allerdings eher ein anderes, aber das ist ja egal. Über die Einfachheit des Lebens zu schreiben, ist sicher etwas ganz tolles - vielleicht sollte jeder so ein Buch schreiben (wenn auch nur für sich selbst), um all das endlich ausreichend zu schätzen zu wissen?

    Für die Bewerbungen drücke ich dir die Daumen!!!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh, was für unglaublich tolle Bilder! Das Projekt hört sich toll an :)
    Ich lese deinen Blog wirklich unglaublich gerne, Liebes!

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Julia ☾ | www.serendipityblog.de