h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 12

July 20, 2016

365 Days Project | Part 12

060, 061/365, Inclosing Lights: My camera is definitely not compatible with low light situations but well, I did it anyway. Not quite satisfied with it but when am I anyway. I hope that there will be lights in the next weeks and months that'll show me my ways but until then, I have to try being that light myself.

062/365, Graduation Day: Just a typical picture of me with my high school certificate. I really did it, huh.

063, 064, 065, 066/365, The INFJ: So I began to practically work on a project that will include my applications for uni next year. During the last weeks I theoretically worked on the first part. And yes, although there is still a year until then, I begin now because I reallly want to put effort and thoughts into this. I want everything to be personal and everything to be the best I could do. Maybe I'll show more parts of it during the next months, maybe not. I just began, so I'm not sure about anything yet.

067/365, Pen Pal Letter: I tried to focus today, I tried to write a proper letter to my pen pal, but I just couldn't really concentrate, so that letter became short. Someone needs to stop this mess in my head right now. Like really, I cannot comprehend anything at the moment. Everything is moving, everything is changing, everything is chaos. I think my introvert batteries need to be recharged again. I'm so confused, wow.

068, 069/365, Reinventing Yourself: I discovered this really cool app named Prisma that basically turns any picture into a piece of art which actually looks pretty decent and not so crappy like a lot of other apps, so I played around with that a bit. Unfortunately, it compresses all the photos, so these photos look a bit odd now.

070/365, Losing Myself: I'm trying so hard to not losing myself due to losing myself - in art, in music, in everything I do. But somehow, there is always this spark of self-doubt looking through and I'm trying so hard.

071, 072, 073/365, One Last Time:
I went to the last event as part of this scholarship but I hadn't had my camera with me, so here are three photos of some memories of last summer with ma babes. This was the last goodbye I said to my time in high school, so now I'm really in my transitional period that Helen Mirren called the hardest in life.

074, 075, 076/365, Hamburg Through My Phone: It was a friend's birthday and we drove to Hamburg since he loves this city. I didn't bring my camera because I knew that the people I went with don't like to be photographed, so here are some photos taken by my phone.

There is something weird going on with my blog layout sometimes, so I hope it doesn't bother you that much because I don't have the time currently to check on it. At the moment, I am completely busy with figuring out what my future will look like. After I defeated school as my main source of pressure and stress, I now have found a new enemy: The bureaucracy of Germany that tries to force me into a social norm and I'm pretty annoyed by it. The so thought freedom that I should have gotten isn't that much of a freedom at all, what a disappointing delusion. So while I try to deal with the present due to dealing with the future, I can't really fully concentrate on this project, so yeah. Sorry. Hopefully this situation won't last for much longer. 


  1. Ich hoffe, dass sich deine Situation bald bessert! Ich wünsche es dir wirklich von ganzem Herzen.

    Und wie verdammt cool sind denn bitte Bild 68 / 69? Aber generell ist das wieder ein super schöner wundervoller Post.

    Ich wünschte, ich könnte dir ein wenig von deiner Last abnehmen / dir ein wenig Klarheit schenken. Du hättest es verdient!

    1. Ich denke, sie ist gerade dabei, sich zu bessern.
      Ich danke dir für deine ganzen Kommentare, Charlotte! Fühl dich gedrückt. x

  2. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar :)
    Das BIKINI musst du dir wirklich mal angucken.
    Und dein Post ist echt toll!

  3. Wow :) Du bist wirklich sehr inspirierend! Dein Post hat mich wirklich beeindruckt, ich muss dir unbedingt folgen :D
    Alles Liebe, May von Mayanamo

  4. Bild 61 ist ja mal sowas von tumblr!
    & naja ich bin echt schlecht im tröstende worte schreiben.. hoffentlich hört das kopfchaos ganz bald wieder auf.♥

    1. Tatsächlich hab ich das Bild auch auf meinem Tumblr, ahaha.
      Und vielen Dank, meine Liebe. x

  5. Ich hatte mal nen Test gemacht, zu dem Will Darbyshire mich geführt hat und ich glaube, ich war auch INFJ. Ich liebe 068/069 und vor allem den Titel davon. Ist etwas, das ich immer mal wieder versuche. Und das Ding mit dem sich verlieren kann ich total nachvollziehen :)

    1. Ui, erstmal muss ich mich bedanken bei deinen ganzen Kommentaren!
      Ja, wir INFJ-Menschen sind schon ziemlich merkwürdige Leute.