h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 6

June 08, 2016

365 Days Project | Part 6

019/365, 24/7: I prepared myself for the trip beginning the next day which didn't mean that I was packing (should have though) but loading new music to my phone, editing the project photos of the last days and queueing posts for my blog and tumblr. Basically, how you'll find me every time when coming into my bedroom.

020/365, Calling Lights: We drove to Berlin and spent the day there. We had some flashlights with us, so I took the opportunity and Yannis as the model to create this picture. We didn't have anything else to do anyway since we had to leave at 3am for our flight.

021/365, Fasten Your Seatbelt: Our flight to London. We had barely an hour of sleep and after we went grocery shopping in England, we hopped right in our beds and slept the rest of the day, so I was too exhausted to do a concept (and I decided that I don't have to either).

022/365, Inspiration: This photo of me was taken in the Tate Modern which is the greatest art museum I've been to so far. I absolutely love modern art, especially minimalistic galleries like these. There were many people drawing next to the impressive art works and I have to admit that I ended up sketching too (too many impressions and inspiration). Unfortunately, I didn't bring my sketchbook, so my diary had to do it. Also, I didn't want to bore my friends any further, so I kinda rushed for them, but I'll definitely come back!

023/365, Mental Metamorphosis: I should stop annoying other people to do such pictures. We were on a really long walk to Little Vienna when we sat down to take a break. Long story short: I discovered those really pretty leaves, had an idea and needed a model. My friends played Rock, Paper, Scissor and Max won and got to be on the photo (not sure if that's a winner though).

024/365, Sunday: The only day the others cooked. Nothing was opened (we personally checked), so we spent the rest of the day in our apartment, watched some TV and did nothing extraordinary, so I only have a snapshot. Not every day is a concept day.

025/365, Generations: We went to the National History Museum which is super cool and interactive. I snapped this scene randomly and although I did do a concept in the museum, I didn't like it that much as this photo and its capture of the moment.

026/365, Rainy Snap: This photo was taken by my phone after I asked Yannis to take that of me. It rained all day and to be honest, I didn't want to get my camera wet, so the best gear is the gear you have with you, right? It's probably one of my worst of this project but it still captures a cool moment for me, so yeah. It's also the last day we spent in England since our flight was in the early morning the next day.

My experience/thoughts so far about this challenge:
Continueing this project while travelling is really hard but I'm surprised that I managed to do it. I even got to do some concepts which I haven't expected at all. During a week of stress, hay fever (it peaked), anxiety and many impressions of a really beautiful city, I learned a lot of things. One of them is that I'm not in the obligation to do conceptual photos. Sometimes (or more often) random moments tell a lot more than a planned image. (Also, I learned that I need the right people to travel with, but this time I hadn't - sorry guys.)


  1. I love to see your photographs and to read the posts about them! Its so fascinating for me, especially because I know nothing about photography. Every picture seems to convey your feelings and it really makes me emotional looking at them.
    Oh, and I hope you had some awesome days in London!

    1. Omg, you're too kind - thank you so much, Lena! x

  2. sehr tolle bilder und eindrücke!

  3. So jeaulous that you went to London! I was there on a class trip and really fell in love with the city. We have been at the Tate modern, too, which is a really wonderful place and I like that it´s free and people just sit there drawing. But as most of my class mates didn´t ilke going to art museums, I also couldn´t stay there as long as I wanted to.
    I looks ilke a wonderful trip, though I know the feeling of your last note- That you need the right people to travel with.

    1. It was my first time in London since we tried to organize a class trip for ages too (but always got rejected in the end), so we did it on our own. Yes, Tate Modern has this very inspirational and calming vibe to it, really wished I could've stayed longer.
      And it actually was a great trip despite all the things that didn't work out like we expected - hope you had a good one too!