h. quynh nguyen: 365 Days Project | Part 3

May 22, 2016

365 Days Project | Part 3

008/365, Being The Canvas: Raviva asked me to take some fashion photos for her. I'm thinking of asking more people to be the canvas for my challenge since I figured that selfportraits are way harder to take and I'm pretty shy when it comes to taking photos of myself in public. Also, I'll try to look for other young photographers (or models) here in the north, so if you know someone or are one yourself, message me, maybe?

009/365, Error: My try to get my sleep schedule right - staying up all night. Spent the night watching Eurovision, working on that photo and listening to music. Technology kept me awake basically until I failed and fell asleep. So, I have to try another method.

010/365, Second Film: I began to shoot analog again. My first film roll was pretty underexposed, so I hope that this one will be better. Also, I'm currently looking for a full analog camera that doesn't need batteries and is pretty light, so I can take it with me instead of my digital one.

011/365, Reprise: My dear friend Cennet was in town again, so we met up and took many pictures (mostly) trying to be all grunge and tumblr (after doing this concept). I did a kinda similar photo once but it was indoor and rather random than planned, so I wanted to redo it. It was so much fun and Cennet is just great anyway. There will be another post of this day in a later time.

012/365, Faceless City: My friend Anna and I spent the day in Berlin. The thing about this capital is that it's so big that you're just one of many - a faceless being of other faceless beings. And this may be something negative but it's seriously something I like a lot about it. I'm being honest when I say that I really don't like the spotlight and prefer to live my life like I want to without being noticed. And cities like Berlin are doing exactly that because everyone's trying to live their life that no one really judges the way others do it.

013/365, Lethargy: I was very tired and decided to not take a picture in Berlin, so I took one after I got home again that day. I just wanted to go to bed, so I quickly snapped this before I fell asleep a moment later.

My experience/thoughts so far about this challenge:
I like this part a bit more than the last one (still unsatisfied). Don't ask me how but I somehow managed to get a normal sleep schedule although I don't think that it's fully fitting to me. To actually feel rested when waking up early, I have to go to bed pretty early too and considering the fact that my creative phase is always in the middle of the night, this is not something I'll be able to keep up much longer, so I'm still working on the right schedule. Another thing I experienced is taking pictures when being on trips or just while traveling. It was really, really hard to think of concepts when being at unknown places. You can't really plan much beforehand and this project felt more like a burden because you're constantly thinking of taking the picture and thus always looking for right places instead of enjoying the journey (also, travelling can be quite exhausting, so there wasn't much motivation for thinking of great ideas anyway).


  1. Mal wieder sehr beeindruckende Fotos!
    Ich träume gerade auch immer mehr von einer analogen Kamera... eine ohne Batterien wäre natürlich echt klasse, denn momentan habe ich keine Kamera, die gute Bilder macht und überall hin mit kann (ich bin echt zu faul, die Spiegelreflex zu schleppen).
    Diese Gesichtslosigkeit und Annonymität von großen Städten finde ich auch immer total schön - und manchmal kommt dieses Gefühl bei mir sogar schon bei Discoabenden oder auf Jahrmärkten auf :)

    Dass das Projekt auf Reisen ganz schön schwierig werden kann, kann ich mir gut vorstellen, wenn man solche Ansprüche an seine Fotos hat, wie du sie hast. Aber du hast das meiner Meinung nach toll hinbekommen! :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke für deinen Kommentar!
      Das geht mir auch so - ich will meine Spiegelreflex nicht mehr überall hinschleppen, aber da ich immer eine Kamera mit dabei haben will, finde ich so eine analoge Kamera echt sehr praktisch.
      Auf Jahrmärkten oder Discos habe ich das Gefühl eher weniger, aber das liegt wohl auch daran, dass das nie wirklich große Events waren, auf die ich war (da muss man dann wohl doch in eine größere Stadt).

  2. Von wo aus dem Norden kommst du?

    1. Aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern an der Ostsee! Du?